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I have always liked working with my hands, especially with wood. So, there was something about the satisfaction of completing a project from TedsWoodworking. After being a carpenter for some time and meeting many carpenters, I had time to think about the benefits of carpentry. And I have compiled this article based on my experience and research.

Carpentry is fulfilling because it creates something useful that will last for a long time. You can also make high-quality items that you can sell to earn money. Finally, woodworking allows you to express your creative side and reduce stress.

It is often difficult to choose one project because they are all so good, and no one has time to do them all. Whether you decide to pursue woodworking or want to learn more about its benefits, read on to discover the benefits of woodworking that are similar to other hobbies and what makes them unique.

Profit # 1: It could save you money

Most of us want money to spare to buy something unplanned. And that’s exactly what woodworking offers.

  • No need to hire a carpenter

Carpentry and joinery have many overlapping skills. And it can often be grouped as a complete vehicle.

If you are doing a minor home renovation, you will need to hire a carpenter to do it for you. But if you practice woodworking, you can use your existing skills to get the job done, saving you money and time.

Please note that there may be state and federal building codes to ensure building safety. Each state is unique, so it is best to consult a local attorney before doing any renovations.

  • You can do things around the house.

For example, if you need a new dresser or a curtain rod, you can easily do it yourself with your carpentry trade. Before I got into carpentry, my only option was to buy one and hire someone to install it.

Sometimes it’s easier to hire someone when you don’t have time. The woodworking bonus is DIY and makes something individual and unique that’s cooler than what you can buy from the store.

Profit # 2: It makes you money

You can use your woodworking skills to start a side business that is fun and highly profitable. Or sell pieces here and there if you feel like it.

Even if they are fun, other hobbies can only make money if you are among the best in the world. Or they are much better than the average person.

For example, skateboarding or tennis. Generally, people don’t want to pay money to watch the average tennis or skateboard.

Learn how to make money with the projects from TedsWoodworking?

  • Manufacture and sell products.
  • Offer your handyman skills.

Manufacture and sell products

You can find certain projects that customers like and are paying good money for. There are many custom-made items that people are willing to pay big bucks for. It includes tables and furniture around the house. You can make them from unique panels that have an interesting and unique grain. Of course, it might be easier to start with cup holders or something smaller and simpler.

There are also decorative boxes such as cigar boxes and jewelry boxes. They can command a high price if they are very well done, and perhaps with custom details added by carving or engraving.

The main thing about carpentry and most businesses is that any project can take many hours to complete. So, if you can ask for high prices, it’s easy to justify the time you spend doing something you love to do. Because of this, there is an advantage to working with wood as a hobby: you have a hobby that you love to do, but you also earn money from it: live the dream!

Offer your handyman skills.

Although it takes a few years to be an apprentice carpenter before you feel confident doing it for someone else, craft jobs are often straightforward. And you can use your woodworking skills to earn some extra money.

Typical crafts include drilling holes in walls and making carpentry repairs on parts of the house made of wood. There are also outdoor jobs like repairing a fence or a wooden gate.

Once you have developed your woodworking skills, these jobs will become comfortable for you. Many good websites on the internet ask about small craft jobs that might be a good fit for your skills. And you can quickly check them out for a few minutes once a day to see if there is anything you want to do.

Profit # 3: Relaxes and Relieves Stress

As you may already know, you are more comfortable when your balance works with fun and games. If not, you can give it a try! But I’ve found myself and people report that working all day every day leads to burnout and makes you feel less motivated to work until you have to take a day off.

Like other things, woodworking mixes your everyday life, and this variety preserves the enjoyment of your work and relationships with friends and family. However, other benefits of woodworking are somewhat unique among the hobbies that you can opt for.

Here they are:

  • You can let off steam.
  • You can express yourself creatively.

You can let off steam.

What makes you more positive and happy? Carpentry can be physically demanding, as it involves driving nails, sanding edges, and transporting wood from one side of the carpentry shop to the other.

You can express yourself creatively.

Although you work with woodworking plans, once you have mastered the basics, you are free to experiment and add fun features to your projects. It is where woodworking gets artistic, and you can bring your personality, thoughts, and feelings to your work.

Many people enjoy creating and have a natural need to “get their creative juices flowing.” However, some hobbies – bird watching or stamp collecting – leave little room for creativity. So, it is one of the advantages of woodworking as a hobby.


The advantages of woodworking are:

  • Brings money
  • Saves money
  • Relaxes and relieves stress.

If you like woodworking and want to dive into this wonderful industry, you can pick one of 16,000 Easy to follow tutorials from TedsWoodworking online course and bring to life wonderful creations.

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