Apple is known to investigate unusual Mac designs, yet it’s most recent might be more attractive than most. The organization has applied for a patent on a desktop Mac design whose fundamental body comprises a single, curved sheet of glass – a wedge at the back could both house processing components and prop up the design. A slot at the bottom center would let people slot a keyboard through, and Apple even imagines the plausibility of modifying the curve to change the display angle or overlap the system shut.

One section of the patent envisions sliding a MacBook’s keyboard section through the slot, recommending this design could likewise be utilized for a laptop dock rather than a full-fledged computer.

This isn’t a product roadmap for Apple – everyone wouldn’t depend on a curved-glass Mac like this showing up soon, if by any means. There would be technical limitations to overcome like the adjustability of the display (folding phones are scarcely a thing, let alone desktops), and Apple may just conclude that a ‘safer’ design like the current iMac is sufficient. This patent application sheds light on Apple’s design procedure, however, and recommends that it’s willing to dramatically revamp desktop Macs if and when that makes sense.

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